Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Design Decisions!

Here is my baby dress!! Yay! The Oat Couture pattern calls for sleeves, but I think its cute as a tank. If I decide to do sleeves, should I make them yellow or purple? What kind of buttons should I use? HELP! The biggest question is...which baby gets the dress??

I think I've been inspired to begin a new project. I have a basket full of wool I dyed with Kool Aid, all different colors and sizes. I think I'm going to make a funky striped beach mat. Chris and I recently set a date for the annual Bruno beach trip, and ever since, I can't stop thinking about new flip flops, hats, beach totes, skirts, and tank tops. I think a big project like this will keep me from cleaning out the mall!


Debby said...

I love it without the sleeves but if you decide to add them I would make them yellow. Absolutely adorable.

Holly said...

Heck - skip the sleeves and knit the reverse dress for another lucky baby!

Cheryl said...

Good ideas girls! I'm definately going to make another with a yellow skirt and purple top.