Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Meet Fifi

Meet FiFi on this her first public debut! Fifi is a retro poodle bottle cover made in Elmore Pisgah cotton from the book, Simple Knits with a Twist by Erika Knight. She was so much fun to knit .She is mine. No gifting out of this one!

As for knitting projects, just have two in progress. One is the O-wool hat which is coming along nicely and the other is my Hundertwasser sock(s).

Gearing up for a boatload of people this weekend... Well, maybe just a small canoe full ... my daughter and her fiance, my son and his wife... I'm gonna squeeze them all until ...

Stay posted at The Yarn Grove. We are expecting new yarns and colors in any day now. ..

1 comment:

margie said...

Oh FiFi, you are so sheshe! I made this pattern myself from Erika's book and loved it!