Sunday, December 31, 2006

Free People

Now that Christmas is over, I'm going to do some knitting for me! A bag, a vest, perhaps some slippers...hmmm. Whenever I'm gearing up for my next big project, I always flip through the latest Free People catalog, which today happened to be the holiday issue. Be still my heart! Chunky hats, funky mittens, and a bag I must must MUST have! (Please see the teddy bear) Instead of Fairisle, I'm going to use Lorna's Chunky Revelation in the Watercolor, which I picked up at my last VIP visit to The Yarn Grove. I think I can get the same effect as the patchwork fairisle...stay tuned to find out! While your waiting, get inspired at

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Anonymous said...

Hello there, this is Tina from the UK who sent dishcloths to Jane last Summer via Knitting Haven *waves*. A Happy New Year to you all and I wanted to tell you that my DH is going to be in Conyers for 5 weeks starting Saturday and he may well pop in and buy yarn if he can find you, lol. Take care, Tina xx