Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Binky Quilt

Here's a peek at the baby quilt I'm making for my dear friend's daughter who turns 1 this month. I used up almost all my fabric scraps (yay!) for the top, and the back is minky- every tot's favorite fabric. I'm using my Sublime Stitching supplies to stitch around each square in a different color. I'm almost done...I just have to find that final motivation! Everytime I near the end of a project, I want to start a new one!

The quilt was super easy to make. I just cut several squares of fabric 3.5 in wide, in varying lengths. Then, I stitched the squares together along the 3.5in side, then stitched the strips of squares together. Then I layered the top, cotton batting and backing and safety-pinned it all over. Then starting from the middle, I began stitching aroun the perimeter of each square. Easy! Now I just have to finish stitching around the squares, and fold the backing over to the front to make the binding.


Michelle said...

Hey, wait a minute, that picture looks familiar.... :)

Hope you and Baby Bruno and doing great!

Jane said...

So adorable. Does that make it a Binky Minky or a Minky Binky?

Cheryl said...

Bink-ay Mink-ay. Its French.