Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A mish mash

I've just returned from a lovely visit with IG. I did not want to leave but alas... I had to.

I got a little knitting done on the plane - still working on my Pagewood Farms Denali socks. Love this yarn. It is great and can't wait to see how it wears. With 20% nylon, I know it will be a winner! Since I usually knit my socks from the toe up, you would think there would *never* be a time when my socks did not fit. Last night I decided to try them on... well, part of the way on since they would not go near my heels! So I will finish them and put them in my gift drawer for someone who does not tread on Number 10's as I do!

And finally, a sad goodbye to Big Girl aka Lucy Girl, our beloved black lab. She left us on July 1st. Her rear leg finally let her down. She knew it. I could tell by the way she looked at me when I came home that day around noon. All the trying in the world to make that back foot/leg work - and nothing. I spent the rest of the afternoon with her until my husband came home and together we took her. I love this picture of Lucy and Junior. That bed was actually our previous dog, Charlie's bed, but Lucy took it over. And on this particular day, Junior decided to join her. Junior, Shorty and Woolly Boully (aka Mulley the Cat) are still looking and waiting for her. She was the queen, the leader of the pack.

We adopted Lucy when she was 5 years old. Found her for free in the ATL newspaper from a couple who was having triplets and already had a 2 year old at home. The husband had her since she was a puppy and I don't know who cried harder that night we left with her - me or the husband. We stayed in touch daily for about 1 week during the transition. The wife was on complete bed rest but ventured out to meet us before we left with her. I remember her words: "Boy, my neighbors sure won't be sad she's leaving because Lucy always licks the kids ice cream cones". That was Lucy - who hated the rain, lacked for manners, was the best trash picker we had ever seen, greeted everyone with something in her mouth, and loved life to its fullest. Lucy was just a couple months shy of her 15th birthday.

Big Girl, you were loved and you are missed by us all.


monica said...

15 is a good life for a lab. I am sure she will be missed. She looks like she was a real sweetie.

Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your daughter. Welcome back.

Phyl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your pup (I call them all pups). She had a long life and I'm sure she felt loved by you & yours, for all those years.

Judy said...

So sorry about your loss. There will be a big hole there but I am sure Shorty and the others will help you heal.

Cheryl said...

We will always love you Big Girl.

Diana said...

I'm sure Lucy is romping with Lightning right now--two black blurs in the grass.