Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do Just One Thing, February 7th

Here's today's exerpt from my page a day calendar, "Do Just One Thing" by Danny Seo:

"After a candle has burned all the way down, recycle the glass container into a decorative storage jar. First, place the glass container in the freezer to shrink the wax; it'll pop right out. scrub the container clean with warm, sudsy water. With glass paint, paint the inside of the container a pretty color; try stripes, dots, or a solid color. Dry completely and use it to store pencils and other office essentials or put it in the medicine cabinet to keep toiletries organized. "

I say- forget office supplies! Those big Yankee Candle jars would be perfect for stitch holders, yarn needles, stitch markers, double pointed needles and small scissors!! I think that is such a cool idea.


Jane said...

Yes it is and all the more reason to buy more candles!

monica said...

And the bigger jars would be great for those little left over balls of yarn from socks and would be quite decorative too.