Sunday, January 06, 2008

Old into New!

I have decided to tackle my storage room(s) - one of the areas aka my side of the garage. I have decided that I do not need extra stuff any longer. Each item I touch is either Goodwill(GW), repack, trash or sell. Yesterday my hub and I took 3 huge boxes of 'stuff' to GW. Of course anything I think I can recycle, I do. Cheryl got a box full of old jewelry and I can't wait to see what it transforms into! Which brings me to the Wyler's Lemonaid Box I have seen for years in my mom's outdoor shed.

This particular box moved with her to my house well over a year ago. No markings on the box and since It wasn't taped down, I could peek into it and knew it held some of my old baby dresses and a pair of old baby shoes. At first I thought a couple of things in there could belong to my brother (we are less than 1 year apart). I knew the shoes were mine because I wore leg braces when I was an infant and these shoes had brace holes in them.

To tell you the truth, I have no sentimental ties to these dresses at all. (My kids baby stuff, now that's a different story). However, I brought them all inside to the sink and began a day long washing, soaking, rinsing and hanging to dry marathon. 2 items were completely eaten by moths (beautiful sweater) and were tossed. But there was a hat. This hat looked in perfect condition except it needed a good hand wash.

Yikes, when I pulled it out of the water it began to unravel. I hung it to dry - looked at it hanging for 2 days and decided I could maybe salvage enough yarn out it to 'reknit' a baby hat. And that is what I am doing. As for the dresses and other little outfits, there are now a couple of small holes in the pinafores but hey - they are over 50 years old!

I found a simple baby hat on Ravelry. I started the hat last night and I hope I have enough yarn to knit it. I feel sure this yarn I unraveled (some in very short lengths) has angora in it.

So I have started 2008 feeling liberated.


Cheryl said...

Well, I have sentimental attachments to the dresses- I want to put MY babies in them. I plan on having high fashion, vintage wearing infants!

Right Out Loud said...

Wowza, way to recycle!

monica said...

I think the dresses are taken, they are beautiful. But I hear you about your own baby's clothes holding the sentimental value. I used to make all my girls' dresses and I had the hardest time parting with them at the band "fund raiser garage sale". But what I am I going to do with all those dresses?? And they sold quickly : )

I am sure the hat will be lovely. Can't wait to see it