Thursday, January 10, 2008

Glitzy Glamour and all the Gals!

Want to see some real glitz? My friend, Pat knit this wrap, or as she calls it, this "white thingie", from Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver. She used 2 skeins of White Veil and pulled a pattern from her stash that was from Morehouse Merino. She generously gave it to me to photograph - but first, our friend Ellen modeled for us. I believe Ellen has done some modeling in earlier years. I did not even have to prompt her to extend her arm! Thank you both!

I met my friends, Pat and Ellen from Noble Knitters. Every Wed. night, Noble Knitters meets at the Peachtree Corners Barnes & Noble. We have grown by many in less than a year. We chat, we laugh, we talk - (sometimes all at the same time) - we share, we fondle yarn ... and ... oh yeah we knit. I so enjoy each and every one of them and I love to look at all the new and old projects going on. It is inspiring.

Pat is our resident lace expert. She is our 'go to lace gal'. If it's lace you're stuck on - ask Pat. Need help on blocking lace? Ask Pat. So when she brought this finished wrap, a.k.a. "white thingie" last night, we were all fondling it. I was so pleased to see how the Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver knit up. It has just the right amount of glitz ... for the glamour girl in all of us!

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Lily Purl said...

oooOOOooo! Fab!