Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have a Heart... AND our 3rd Annual Super Bowl Sale

It's time for the Red Dress Pin again. The national symbol for women and heart disease awareness. Yes, that's right. I'm at it again. I have some more Red Dress Tack Pins to give away. How do you get one? Just like last year - when you place an order, write in the comments section Red Dress Pin. So while supplies last, they're going out the door.

The Red Dress Pin is a symbol for heart disease which is the #1 killer of American women. What better month to promote - February! So wear red.

Super Bowl Sunday Sale - Wow, The Yarn Grove's 3rd annual Super Bowl Sunday Sale. The sale is broken into quarters - 2 hours each - and begins at 2:00pm EST. From 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm, 8-10pm different items are on sale each quarter. It is a lot of fun! So stop by.

Today is the last day for my blog contest which if you donate to or visit A Place to Bark and Meow, please email me or leave a comment. You can donate by clicking on the "badge" on my sidebar here. You will be entered in to the drawing tomorrow for a great skein of Pagewood Farms newest yarn - Glacier bay - and a set of Hiya Hiya needles. For all the news about it, see my post of January 17th!

SOTsII - Secret of the Stole. Let's talk about it for just a minute. Clue #2 is already out but as of Monday night, I had ripped it all out again. But Tuesday night - it just clicked. I get it! I really get it! I understand lace knitting now. And boy do I love it. Not much to show but as soon as I am done with Clue 1 - I'll be showing you my FO.

Anyone else out there ever ripped out their lace knitting - say 7 times?

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monica said...

Ummm, yes I have as a matter of fact. M very first one the Charlottes Web, I think I ripped that so many times I was just about to wear all the "good" off of the yarn.