Sunday, November 15, 2009

No two are alike!

I saw these adorable bird nest ornament kits by Marie Mayhew Designs. I found them at the Yarnery . I bought one full kit which included the pattern and also a card explaining about the German tradition of having a bird nest in your Christmas tree. I then purchased another kit which had enough "stuff" in it for 5 other ornaments. I made a total of 5 so far, two have already found new homes and these three are already gifts for family. Since I make sure all orders from The Yarn Grove get shipped very fast, I was pleased The Yarnery provided excellent and fast service. I have ordered another refill kit.

In other news, I made a trip to North Georgia mountains a couple of weeks ago to get my annual apples for pies and applesauce. Especially now for my grandbaby, Stephen, who loves Gammaw's applesauce. When I got to the orchard, they were OUT, yes OUT of Stayman Winesap. I always use these apples for my pies and sauce. They had sold completely out of them the week before. My choices now were slim. But alas, I tasted the Pink Lady apples and they would have to do. One bushel later and I had about 9 gallons of apple pie fixin's and about 9 pints of sauce. I do not add anything at all to my sauce. All natural and delish. Next year, I will go the first week of October instead of the last...

Hope this finds you all knitting away on holiday gifts. I cannot believe it is already the fifteenth of November.


N. Maria said...

Okay, Jane, come on over and visit me and I'll teach you to where you never need another pattern.....ever! :)
I was pleased as punch to see your comment!
You are SO right about shipping quickly! I ordered yarn for my mother and you have already shipped it! Love that kind of service!
Maria H in WA

N. Maria said...

My mother just called and said the yarn is there! Thank you, thank you for the fastest service...yet!

Cheryl said...

Gammaw, I want appiesauce. Love, Stephen.