Thursday, January 22, 2009

Month of Nesting- Week 2

We had our 36 week appointment this morning- I'm not dilated or effaced at all (boo!), but Stephen is head down and moving in the right direction. We had another ultrasound and got a great shot of his little button nose (Gammaw's nose actually!) and his manhood- he's definitely a boy! The doctor guesses that he will be about 8 lbs if he comes on time. I think I can handle that.

I finished the little bundle of joy's coming home outfit this week. It was one of those projects I couldn't put down. I just have to sew on the buttons. Cute, huh?
The curtains are hung! I love them! They need one small alteration that will be completed tomorrow...and I've been saying that since Monday. Really though, I'll do it tomorrow...:)Here's the sailboat "artwork" I've been working on. The fabric will be wrapped around a wooden frame we got from Ikea. LOVE Ikea. I just have to finish hand stitching the boats. This was a really fun and CHEAP project that anyone could do.
All you need is:
fabric scraps
heavy interfacing (I used decor-bond)
a wooden frame
Cross stitching thread (or you could machine stitch too I suppose)

First, I made a pattern of the shapes I needed using butcher paper.Then, I cut out my fabric shapes with a 5/8 in border to be folded over.
Next, I used my pattern pieces to cut out interfacing, which I ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric.Then, I ironed the border over onto the wrong side, to make a nice clean edge for the front.Now, all you do is pin the pieces where you want them and hand or machine stitch them on. I'll probably line the white fabric so you can't see the wood frame.
Easy!Next week, I'll be making the cribskirt and my diaper bag, which I purchased fabulous Amy Butler fabric for. I can't wait!!!

Did anyone watch Lost this week? Whats with the time travel? Speaking of TV, time for Grey's...gotta go!


Jane said...

His room is adorable and so is his little coming home outfit. Gammaw can't wait to see him! Squee!!!!

baby face said...

His room is really cute and I love
the little all in one that he is
coming home in. It's really
exciting to bring that baby home.