Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Month of Nesting- Week One

Well, I'm officially finished with my office job and only 5 weeks away from babytime...assuming he comes on time (hint, hint Stephen!!) I've been quite the busy Mommy this week working on all the projects I've been putting off. First up, curtains for the nursery. I just have to finish the sides and have Daddy mount the curtain rod. I'll post pictures when they're complete. Note- may I just brag a little and tell you that we decorated the nursery for under $150, bedding and all, (Not including the crib and dresser of course- I'm not THAT good) and its turning out quite cute if I may say so!
Next up, making cloth diapers from Daddy's old undershirts. I found this great idea here, and its going very well. The cotton makes such soft diapers, I'm sure Stephen will thoroughly enjoy soaking them. I'm also finishing a knitted diaper cover made with some left over wool from my stash. I just have to sew in the velcro.
And last but not least on my list for this week: Stephen's coming home outfit!!! Found this adorable pattern on Ravelry and it calls for size 10 1/2 needles- Hallelujah!!! Everything else asked for 4s and 5s- no way, no how! I'm really really excited about this little suit. I'll post more pictures as it progresses.
Other things this week has included: 1 nap, 1 doctor's appointment, 2 pair velour pajama pants, 1 Sonic Hot Fudge Sundae, 5 cases of heartburn, 2 weird dreams, 1 brisk walk, 2 new recipes, 4 episodes of Golden Girls and 1 Prepared Childbirth Class. Its been a GREAT week!!


Jane said...

What a great idea for the diapers. Can't wait to see Stephen's little outfit done and the curtains hung!

Michelle said...

So exciting Cheryl!! You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks! I hope he's right on time :)