Monday, February 02, 2009

Stash Busting!

Well, I think the nesting has really kicked in now. I just can't stop. But its not cleaning I'm doing...its knitting! I can't stop! As soon as I finish a project, I have to start another one!!

Here's a little pair of mitts I made this weekend. I used a random skein of Louet I had in my stash LOVE Louet, btw). The pattern is very loosely based on this. I think they will come in handy for stroller pushing in the early spring. For some reason, Chris doesn't want a matching pair- whats his deal??? (please excuse the belly shadow in the picture! lol!)
Here is Kiki the Kitty I made from Nature's Pallete Green Sheep Organic Wool for a friend's daughter. The wool softens up with every wash, so Kiki took a few dips in the hot tub with some laundry before I sewed her up. Great easy pattern for stash busting!I started another baby sweater too and finished half of it during the superbowl last night. I imagine I'll be posting pictures of it in the next few days. What should I start on next....

The little man's coming home outfit is all finished! I found these sweet buttons that say "Little Lamb" on them. I thought that was appropriate for my little wooly booly. :)
On Saturday, Chris had to work so I did a little shopping. Lately, I've had an uncontrollable hatred for the way our living room was decorated- its so dark and outdated- ick! So I hit up my favorite thrift stores and scored these cute pots for $.75 each and found this awesome fabric at the fabric store on clearance for $4 a yard! Here's a shot of the unfinished curtains. It just brightens up the whole room. I feel much better, but I don't think Chris will be leaving me unattended on a Saturday anymore.

Little man is due to arrive at anytime. I was 1.5 cm dilated at my last appointment, so he probably won't come tonight, but we are moving in the right direction! Chris and I get our diplomas from childbirth class tomorrow, the carseat is installed, the nursery is finished, the coming home outfit has buttons, the wipe warmer is warming- we are READY!!!


Jane said...

wow, you have been busy knitting! Little Stephen's outfit is precious and I love the curtains...

baby face said...

I'm happy to see that you are
prepared. My babies were all early and I was not totally
prepared. I did have a baby shower and the bed when the first
one was born, so it was not a total surprise. GOOD LUCK with your new little one.

bev said...

Oooooh! baby! my first grandchild is arriving in July. Ooooo! Babyies! Oh, and I have moved my blog from Emma's Daughter Designs for personal/stalker type reasons. Use ur trackback and pay me a visit.

Congrats - is Steven here yet?

Cheryl said...

Oh Grandma Bev I know you are excited!!!!