Monday, August 11, 2008

Cutest Boo-tays this side of I-85!

I couldn't help it. I had to have them. Clemson newborn booties. Adorable. I will have to promise Cheryl that I will not buy or attempt to buy all things orange for the baby. however, I will have to knit baby at least one thing orange. Just one. Orange Boy will love them.

The visit with my 12yo niece was great. She is 5'10" and a sweetheart. It was an enlightening visit. How she has changed since last summer! Aunt Jane bought her some back to school clothes. The music was so loud in that store that I couldn't hear a thing and I felt quite old! But it was fun... She is a great bargain shopper and most all things bought were from the sale racks. Just like Aunt Jane : )

Back to knittin'. I am progressing nicely on Clue 3 in Casablanca and here is a photo . I did not stretch it out to photograph - mainly because I have no room on my work area. I have so many other projects going on - embroidery, shower invites, etc. so it is hard to tell. I am loving this pattern.

Also, a shot of the bib I am knitting in Peaches n creme from my stash. I think this is the Fiesta colorway and the pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting Book. I love those gals. They are a hoot.

That's about all for now. Working on stuff for the shop - just not enough time in a day lately...

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monica said...

Those baby booties are too cute. And the bib is very festive lookng. Those bobs are the most absorbant bib around.

Soungs like you had a nice visit with your niece, that is always nice