Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bring on the Fall!

Football season officially starts next weekend, which means knitting season also starts! Don't get me wrong, I like football and everything, but when its all your husband watches for 5 months, you need a little distraction! He watches, I knit. We coinside perfectly! And win or lose, at the end of every weekend, I have a fabulous project to show for it.
Last night, in preparation for kickoff, Orange boy and I boiled 2.5 pounds of peanuts and blanched and peeled 14 tomatoes from the garden for salsa. We're well on our way to stocking our freezer with a season's worth of football food!

As far as knitting goes, I'm working on socks (gasp!!) a few scarves that will be christmas presents, and I'm hoping to start another quilt soon.
September is only 9 days away!!! Beef up your stashes boys and girls- its going to be a long winter!!!!

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Jane said...

Socks? Are those really socks? Way to go! And the 'maters look marvelous... My favorite, boiled peanuts.