Thursday, June 19, 2008

Had to Have it...

I'm a sucker for cute things and this book is no exception. Last night at our Noble Knitters, Knitting Friend, Donna, found this book, Love from Woolly. She bought one, Lauri bought one and I bought the other. Why? I shall save it for the Woolly Wonder (aka) future Grandchild ... It is adorable and a great gift! From now on, all new babies in my life will receive as follows:

One itty bitty hand knitted, made with love from my hands item


Love from Woolly Book.

News at The Yarn Grove ... More Namaste Cali Bags arriving any day now. More colors of O~Wool Organic Classic are here.

Adorable new patterns from Katie Park of Caffaknitted - distributed by the wonderous Gardiner Yarn Works. Peg and Tulip are waiting to be knitted up - try some organic - would make a great gift for a youngster!

Also a photo of my pickins' of the day. One jalapeno, several cherry 'maters, plum 'maters and one green pepper. That pepper smells divine... I expect a serious explosion of red ripe 'maters any day now - friends - look out...

Orange Boy and Cheryl are coming. Yay! You *know* I'll have a marvelous weekend and hope all ya'll do too...

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Judy said...

Those dolls are so cute. I assume you knit them.
Love the book. Even though I have no hopes of grandkids I will have great nieces and nephews.
Oh, BTW, I tagged you for a game if you want to play along. :)