Friday, May 09, 2008

I've been spinning! ... but not with wool...

Yes, the old vertigo came back after being dormant for about 6 years. Last Sat. am I woke up in a real spin. All I can say is - it is horrible. Long story short, my vertigo is usually when I lay down then I spin for about 10 seconds and it stops. I had gone to an ENT 6 years ago who did this strange maneuver on me and poof! I was healed. I thought he was the miracle man. There is a name to this manuever as well and I can't remember it either.

I went back to another ENT (because I couldn't remember his name and picked a different clinic) and they think I might have some inner ear disease which has a name I cannot pronounce. The best news is ... it's gone! I know it could be worse. A friend of mine had it so bad she couldn't walk for 3 days. Anyway, I am back to my old self and glad for it.

Not too much knitting - but we did get some new Pagewood Denali colors in and also in their Chugiak. If you have not tried this yarn, you must. It is might nice. Also we are going to have a sale in our shop beginning Sat through Monday, May 10 - 12.

Still plugging away on my toe up on 2 circs socks and as I always do, have started the mate already. I know me and me would end up with single sock syndrome. This way, I alternate working on them. I am enjoying this 2 circular method very much. One set of needles is the Hiya Hiya stainless steel and the other is the Hiya Hiya Bamboo circs. I love them both.

Happy Mother's day to all of you moms out there, both of the 2 legged and 4 legged kind!


Anne said...

Oh my! I've had the spinning thing off and on since college (a very long time ago). It's horrible! I was told I would have to give up Caffeine AND Chocolate. Fortunately daily doses of antihistamine have helped keep it under control.

I thought about doing the same thing w/ the bamboo & steel circs but have decided to go all the way from one sock on five needles to two socks on one. I love the long Hiya Hiya circ that I order last month. The cord is so flexible and not at all twisty and the joints are very smooth.

Judy said...

Oh, Jane. Sorry to hear about your spinning. I have Benign Positional Vertigo so I know what you mean. Thank goodness your spinning has ended. I had a bout of it a couple of weeks ago. No fun.
Love your socks. I did 2 circs a time or two but moved on to ML and love it. Doing both socks at once is my way to go. LOL


monica said...

OH I hate that, I get the spins every now and then. I am glad to hear you are spin free at the moment and I hope it stays that way.

The socks are coming along nicely.

Happy Mother's Day to you too.

Octopus Knits said...

Yikes! I too have had that happen a few times... definitely not pleasant. I'm glad it has gone away again.

The socks are looking great - I love that yarn : )