Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blocking ... ?

I thought I would show the progress on my Easy Flame Scarf, knit with Malabrigo Laceweight in Dusty Olive. Gorgeous yarn and a restock is in at The Yarn Grove this week. This pattern is free on Knit and Tonic's blog .

Now my question is, how do *you* block your knits? What I am currently using is an apparatus that I bought years ago to help my mom block her needlepoint canvas. It is merely a ceiling tile (of some sort) and someone drew a 1 inch grid on white muslin and stretched it on the tile, stapling it on the back. While it is okay, it is hard to push the pins in.

So I'm curious... What do you use to block? Does it have grids or lines on it?


Janice in GA said...

I have some big fat LARGE pieces of styrofoam that I use. I can tape several pieces together to block the large shawls I tend to make.

I WISH mine had pre-drawn gridlines, but I'm too lazy to draw them on myself. I tend to use the edges of the styrofoam sheets as guides, and I do use blocking wires and straight edges (yardsticks) to get the edges even and straight.

For smaller projects, you can get a foldable gridded and padded surface at places like JoAnn. I think mine is by June Tailor. It's too small for most of the stuff I make though. :(

monica said...

I have the cover withcthe grid and the padding that goes underneath, but no board to put it on yet. I usually spread stuff out on the dining room floor on top of towels. or pin it on the bed if it is lace wt and I know it will dry before bed time. Some day I plan to get a board for the blocking board set.

baby face said...

well, I am not well and I have to
do it the easiest way that I can.
I just block on towels, either on
the floor or on my countertop if
it will fit. I use regular sewing
pins (lots) with the colored heads and
spray the whole thing with a lot
of water. It may not be the thing
to do, but it works for me and it's