Friday, November 09, 2007

Scarves ... and more scarves

I can't walk and chew gum - thus I cannot talk and knit at the same time. Apparently I've been doing a lot of talking lately because I decided to cast on a plain vanilla garter stitch scarf. However, I am using up Woolly Boully Red Robin: Bird Nest and Eggs (left from my Chevron scarf) along with Thirteen Mile Farm - Worsted Weight yarn which I just happened to spill some Raspberry Blue Kool-aid on (oops - how did that happen). I'm dangerous with Kool-aid. I start looking around for any and all yarn that I can color.

I love this Thirteen Mile Yarn. Made from organic fibers in Montana, "it is the elasticity of well-processed, minimally-altered natural fiber" that I absolutely love. If you want the sheep in your living room with you, this is the yarn for you. Wonderful stuff. A little vegetation in my yarn doesn't bother me at all. Also their roving is super soft and ready to take dye. I think I will leave that to someone who dyes with non-Kool-Aid.

Finished my Chevron Scarf and it is gorgeous. It too was a hit at Marketplace last weekend and several people wanted to buy it. I did manage to convince some of them that they should knit it themselves. I loved this pattern and would knit it again. You can find it in Last-Minuted Knitted Gifts book. I also cast on Branching Out by Susan Pierce Lawrence which I found on her website and then realized it was in sometime ago. I am venturing into lace and I thought this was a good place to start. I love Susan's patterns .

The other scarf pictured is the Candy Scarf which comes in a kit. It is from HandPainted Knitting Yarns and is adorable. This was a sample we got from them for our show last week and I can say, it was a hit! Great gift to give just like it is or knit it up yourself .

Seems as though Orange Boy is coming in next weekend for the Clemson v Boston College game and I'm going with him. Already planning my outfit because his season ticket seats are way up high, it's a night game and it will be cold up there in outer space. I'm going to check into seeing if I can hire a helicopter to just drop me in there by a line... I think that would be a hoot...

Wrap your arms around your gift lists. I've already started. Gonna mail order some stuff this morning too... Lists work well for me... If I don't forget 'em.


Right Out Loud said...

Branching Out for me has been the project I can absolutely only work on when no one is home and the dogs are in the yard. It's beautiful lace, just requires undivided attention, at least for me.

Judy said...

Christmas knitting??!! I have made a small start, need to get on to it.
You have been nominated for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award.