Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hit the Road

Well tomorrow at 5am, I will be on my way to Chattanooga for The Vintage Chattanooga Marketplace! I've got 6 rubbermade tubs of clothes, 1 disassembled mannequin, 85 coat hangers, 2 clothing racks, 1 table, 2 baskets of vintage patterns and a baker's rack crammed into my car. I'll be glad if I can make it in one piece!

My husband, "Orange Boy", and Jane are at the Clemson game. Clemson is winning by 7 in the 2nd quarter, so fingers crossed, the team will stick with it until the end. Jane sent me a picture via camera phone of her bundled outfit- I sure wish I could upload it to this blog!

Well off to bed. Gotta get up at 4am...ick!

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