Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lily Purl & Marketplace

Marketplace was great and we met so many new knitters, crocheters and just wannabes. It was also nice to see friends from last year as well. We had a table set up in the middle of our double booth with several samples of different yarns and needles so anyone could test knit, sample or just plain rest their feet!

Congratulations to Joy of Gainesville GA who won our drawing which was a ball of sock yarn, Cat Bordi's book: Socks Soar on 2 Cingulars and 2 - 24" Hiya Hiya bamboo circulars, size 2. These are so new I do not even have them up in the shop yet.

Lily Purl was also a hit. Cheryl had sent Lily Purl a Suzy Perette Vintage Leopard dress (fake fur of course) with a cool patent leather belt and pearls. She was all decked out and invited a lot of people into our booth. After Marketplace however, Lily Purl was delighted to be able to go back to her SockWalker(tm) form...

The holidays are coming fast and furious. I'm currently knitting a plain old garter stitch scarf with a hand dyed skein of Thirteen Mile Yarn (koolaid dyed by me) and leftover Woolly Boully Red Robin: Bird, Nest and Eggs... It will be a gift.

Tonight is Noble Knitters. I've missed them for 2 weeks and can't wait to hear all the loot some of they got from SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival). Next year - I'm there!

As for your holiday gifts. Are you in panic mode yet? I'm just curious. Would love to hear from you.


Cheryl said...

Lily Purl would never wear fake fur, she wears faux fur!

I made my Christmas knitting list and I'm checking it twice!

Anniebananie said...

I am completely in panic mode! I haven't started one and I have so much to do! I need the knitting fairy to come pay me a visit and help out!

Diana said...

Glad you got to B&N. I swear next time I'll bring the SAFF swag.

Octopus Knits said...

Not total panic mode, yet. I am knitting a few things, but plant to do some baking for most gifts.