Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Let me show you some love...

Kaffe Fassett yarns from Regia. Yummm. Here is a photo of mine started from Landscape Fog #4253. My usual, turkish cast on, toe up. And speaking of turkish cast on... Zena, the lady who I met a couple yrs ago and took a sock class from and who taught me everything I know about knitting socks... is now attending Noble Knitters - our group on Wed. Phyllis, one of the other gals, and I were talking a few weeks ago about our socks. Phyllis said she was learning about toe up from a gal in her other knitting group at a local LYS. She said, "all she does is knits socks". Same Zena. Her socks look like they are knit on a machine. I'm telling you ... unbelieveable... I aspire to knit socks like her one day!

When I started knitting socks, all was fine and dandy - except I never wanted to knit the second sock. I wanted to dive into my next fresh, exciting ball of yarn. So, 2 years ago, I started casting on for my second one right after my first. It has worked brilliantly for me. My socks always have a mate. Try it! It just might work for you.

Wow, August 1st. Okay, peeps, time to get cranking on all those holiday gifts. I'm gearing up for our huge Marketplace in November. This year The Yarn Grove will have 2 booths together. Lily Purl will have more room this year and we hope to have a little *sit-n-knit* corner too.

And what would August 1st be for me (gosh I'm a poet too) without showing Junior, my precious Silky Terrier, on his first birthday. Wow, I made it to his 1st. And he did too! Some may remember, this is my first puppy ... ever.

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