Wednesday, August 08, 2007

di un anno - oh boy...

One year old - oh boy. oh joy. my pup. (since I have 73% italian kids, might as well speak it).

First let's talk about my knittin'. That's a happier subject right now for me. Just took off one Kaffe Fassett sock and the other is almost done. This is Landscape Fog #4253 and I love this yarn. It has been very popular here at The Yarn Grove ... My stripes are matching up nicely too ... which is a great feat for me...

So let me vent about my Junior again? Thanks.

Overview: Sunday - Family reunion on hubby's side - 3 hr. drive. Oh boy, let's take Junior! He loves to ride...

  • Pull up to the pavilion - Junior gets out - proceeds to hurl right in front of Aunt Gladys, not once but twice. Lovely. Okay, he probably got a little car sick. He behaves nicely and is a sweetheart as usual.

  • 3/4 way home ... I smell something ... look in back ... oh happy days - he got sick again both ways! Do you have any idea how much paper towels cost at a Stop N Go ? $2.89. Clean up, drive rest of way home.

  • Next am - hurls 3 more times.
  • Go to Vet. Ca-ching
  • Vet examines him and determines *something* is in his stomach and has nothing to do with being car sick - even though that can happen. "Let's start with x-rays." I leave him and wait for call.

Let me stop right here for a moment. My darling friends, Missy and Doug, have 2 giant sized dogs. They are maybe 4-5 years old. Less than a year ago, Bridgette ate part of a comforter and got really sick. (we use the same vet clinic). She had major surgery and was in serious shape for a couple of days but pulled through after they spent the equivalent of a new 1988 car on her.

Last weekend I met up with my darling friends again, Missy and Doug. She was telling me about her week from hell which included Bridgette getting out of her crate in the middle of the day and eating part of a bath towel. Umm, you guessed it. Another surgery but this time not so serious and only 1/2 a 1988 new car this time.

  • phone rings - Vet says we might have some good news. Looks like the "material" that is in his stomach is on the right path to his colon. With that said, let's try some Barium and give him some fluids. Bring him back tomorrow morning (Tuesday) for x-rays so we can make sure "it/they" have moved. Vet asks, "have you fed him any chicken bones?" We don't even eat chicken like that.

  • Drop Junior off after I had a long talk with him the night before and the importance of "passing" whatever is residing in his belly.

  • Drive to SC to pickup my niece Kaitlin, who is 11 and grown 2 more inches since I saw her at her spring break.

  • phone rings. It's the vet. It/they are moving! Hooray! It is now in his colon and the whole clinic is on JCW (Junior colon watch).

  • I pick him up with instructions to watch for vomiting but they felt sure he would pass the remaining stuff in his stomach. Nope, I do not feed him rawhides anymore. No bones, no nothing. Vet says it has the density of bone. Something with mineral. No clue - maybe gravel? Yep, could be...

I leave the vet asking for parenting classes please...


bev said...

Poor Junior. I bet Aunt Gladys gave him the chicken bone for insulting her senses as soon as he got out of the car.
My son used to have a dog that ate rocks. (I don't have to tell you how loud things got during our walks) Didn't have to curb the dog either, just walk through the gravel.

Love the sock, btw. Color is great!

Octopus Knits said...

Ooof. I hope junior gets rid of whatever it is, and doesn't eat any more of it!

Debby said...

Oh Junior I am pulling for you boy. Get that stuff out of you!