Saturday, July 06, 2013

Some of this and a lot of that...

It's July.  The 6th to be exact.  Wow.  I've started thinking of gifts to make for some of my peeps for Christmas.  Yesterday I went to get a fabric fix at Intown Quilters and what a fix it was.  I bought 3 quilt kits (2 Halloween for wall hangings for my boys) and one for myself of Ruby Star Rising by Melody Miller (this one is going to be a challenge, one I look forward to).  18 fat quarters to make Yellow Brick Road in some funky fun colors.  This one is earmarked for my 87 yo mom who is visually impaired but would be able to enjoy these brights. (these were photographed on my ironing board so the other blue/olive retro flowers you see are just the cover of my board.)

On the knitting front, I have two projects going.  Both just shawlettes which I love knitting.  I just recently blocked this 100% Wolles Creation Cotton yarn and what a fun yarn it is to knit with.  I wasn't so sure when I first started which is why I stuck to a simple garter stitch pattern.  But while it is a tiny, very loose 4-ply cotton strand, I never split not one stitch.  Loved it so much I bought two more color ways.  This is a light weight scarf and soft as ever.  Her yarn is so popular now that you have to contact her to special order.  Doesn't take long at all.  LOVE IT.  Already have worn this a dozen times.

My plan today is to fiddle with this kit I bought 2 years ago.  Saw it on a blog, don't remember which one, and she was selling these kits.  I bought one.  It is called Funky Peppermint Table Runner and is a Christmas table runner.  Loved it, bought it, and I hope to start it today.  We'll see.  Lots of pages of instructions and also paper piecing which always takes me a while to get started!

On The Yarn Grove side of things, all is great.  Hiya Hiya SHARPs continue to sell like gangbusters.  I encourage all who are on the fence about trying a Hiya Hiya SHARP to purchase one SHARP interchangeable tip, either 4" or 5" and one interchangeable cable (in several lengths) and give them a try.  While having a whole set is great, it's not necessary if you don't knit with some of the sizes that come in the 2 different sets.  Coming soon are some new SNIPs, ever so popular.

It's been a rainy 4th of July here in GA so I think it is the perfect day for sewing.  I won't even give one thought to the GA corn that I bought to put up this week or the baby English cukes I bought from a farmer to make pickles.  Maybe tomorrow for those...

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