Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stitches South

Stitches South was just here in GA - April 11 through April 14, 2013.  I was able to scoot over there on Sunday, the 14th.  Usually I spend a couple of days there but it did not work out for me this year.

It was awesome as always.  Something happens to my senses when I get around that much fiber, yarn and beauty.  I walked through 3 times before making any purchases.  I was in complete control - even though I usually am armed with a list of projects and yarn ideas for these projects prior to attending.  I had not had the chance to do that.

In the photo, left side - Madelintosh Meriono Light in Stargazing.  Possibly for a Spectra .  Next up Lang Jawoll Magic in Rainbow and also in a blue/green mix.  Something in my Ravelry queue but I can't remember.  Love this yarn.

In the back, a Yarn Pop project case.  Love owls , love this bag.  I will eventually get the larger one with a shoulder strap but for now, this works great.  In the front from Lovin' Knits , this glorious ball of Freia handpaints ombre yarn.  This was kitted with a shawl pattern from KnitWhits.  Not sure if I will keep the yarn for this pattern, but couldn't resist.

The cream color yarn and pattern in the right rear is Shibui Staccato and Shibui Silk Cloud.  The pattern is Shibui Mix which is an ethereal shawl.  I will use Shibui Staccato but instead of Silk Cloud, I bought Habu Textiles Silk and Stainless Steel.  This "yarn" makes the shawl look like it is really floating.  I saw it knit up as a sample at Cast On Cottage booth and it is stunning.

Then last but not least, Miss Babs in Pewter (photo does not show the beauty of this gray)Yummy Sock and Baby yarn along with Yummy Toes in Naples.  This will become Leftie .  I saw several of these knit up in different booths and there are endless options to knitting this shawl.  Did not see one I didn't like.

So there is my Stitches South, summed up.  And I was able to meet up with several of you !

Off the needles - Little Shells (Ravelry)- knit up in Shibui Staccato and Shibui Silk Cloud.  Yes, I love this yarn.  One strand each, held together.  My mother claimed this one.

That's it for now!  Happy knitting, sewing, or just plain craftin'.

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