Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday X 5!

I just finished these 5 little Cupcake hats for my little Island Boy who will turn one in May and 4 of his little friends who were born close to him.  One set of twins.  These are so fun and I cannot believe that I have pretty much memorized the pattern.  Of course I'm sure the next time I go to make one, I won't remember a thing.  That is kinda how it goes with me.

These are all made out of 100% cotton - most scraps I had from other projects.  I added "sprinkles" on 3 of these but the yarn on 2 of them put its own sprinkles!  Sometimes I use beads but since these are gifts, I didn't want those little tiny beads on there so I used Cotton Floss.

I have had Shipwreck finished for over a month but I just haven't taken the time to block it.  It is large...  I need to get that blocked before Stitches South!

I am picking up a quilt this afternoon that I finished for a baby shower in April I am going to.  I will photo it when I finish the binding.

So much crafting and not enough time!  Hope this finds all of you doing what you love best... whatever that may be!

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