Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zuma (s) and Laurel Burch

Back in stock for your shopping pleasure are the ever popular Zuma Bags. The black has been a favorite of a lot of you and I can understand why. I have ordered lots of the Zuma Bag in Red and I expect them here in November.

Also in, several colors of the ever functional Buddy Case. This case is excellent for holding all of your knitting objects. Made of animal-friendly faux leather, these would make great gifts. Also the Buddy case will be launched in Red in November and I have lots on order.

Speaking of gifts, also back in stock by popular demand are the Namaste Cali Catalina pouches. Perfect for holding small needles and just plain stuff, this little pouch sells at only $5.00.

Also brand new from Hiya Hiya are Laurel Burch Sock needle sets. They are packaged in these adorable Laurel Burch accessory cases. Included with each are three sock size needles (as described in each item), a Hiya Hiya retractable tape measure and the Laurel Burch Accessory Zippered case. Get two and give one as a gift.

Lots of gift sewing and knitting has been going on. I cannot believe it is the middle of October. Which means.... I am going to see Island Girl and Island Boy! So, here is the shipping schedule for The Yarn Grove for the next 10 days...

Any order received after 1:00pm(EST) on Thursday, October 22 will not ship until Friday, October 30. Certainly the shop will be open as always but just remember the shipping schedule.
Hope your fall days are going well and involve lots and lots of gift giving projects!

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