Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some house picks

Here are some pictures of what we have done in the new house:

This is the dining room. I got the curtains at a glorious place called Old Time Pottery. I knew that if I tried to sew curtains for the entire house PLUS baby bedding PLUS a maternity bridesmaids dress for a wedding in November, that I would never sleep again. SO for $10 a panel, the curtains became mine! Oh also, I installed the curtain rod all by myself. Including dry wall anchors! Amazing, huh?

Here's a closeup of Mona's kitty window seat that Chris made for her. We call this window the "TV." Mona loves her perch- You can see that she just woke up.

Chris enjoys yardwork (a little too much judging by this picture)

Here's the kitchen. Please note the yellow countertops. The floor and walls are also all yellow. That is want prompted the wallpaper. There isn't much you can do with yellow countertops other than go with it.

Here is the bedroom. Chris painted before we moved in, thank goodness- the color is called "Airy." Isn't it peaceful? We just need to hang some stuff on those bare walls!

The nursery and the craft room are still completely messy. We are slowly working away...


Michelle said...

Really cute house Cheryl! I like the wallpaper :)

Jane said...

Love what you have done to it. It just needed that Cheryl touch. The kitchen is great - I love the yellow and I am wanting those canisters. I would have bought them if I had seen them first! And that picture of Orange Boy... What can I say. I birthed him.