Friday, September 21, 2007

Predator Friendly ...

I thought I would show off 2 more pair of sock that my friend, Paula of Olathe KS (no she hasn't moved) knit for The Yarn Grove for our Marketplace event in November. I send her yarn - she knits them. She mails them back. I can't knit that fast and she loves knitting socks.... On the left is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Buck's Bar and on the right is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Envy. The Envy is done in the Lobster Pot pattern from Gardiner Yarn Works.

Thirteen Mile yarn is up on our website. Gorgeous. We currently have in stock the bulky and the worsted weight. You can also dye the 'white' ones yourself. Their yarns are from organic fibers. With so little processing, it feels like the sheep itself. I was drawn to Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Co. by several factors but the main one being their natural product and also their certification as a Predator Friendly Farm. Now what does that mean exactly? Visit the official website Predator Conservation . They do not kill native predators such as coyotes, mountain lions, bears, foxes and wolves, recognizing their role in this landscape, instead they use guard animals and nonlethal managmentment tools to minimize confrontations with carnivores .
It is very interesting. Let alone and let live, I say... Thirteen Mile now has 2 "flock guards" (my words) that are huge dogs. If you get a chance, read their farm news. These 2 dogs have been on the farm a few short months and to their knowledge, they have not lost one woolie critter. Amazing.

Now some may not give a hoot where or how their yarn gets to them, (nothing at all wrong with that), but for me personally, that's what it's all about. Which is why you have always seen *profiles* of our indie dyers and hand spinners, some from how they got started, what inspires them about their dyeing and spinning and as for Miss Hawklet and a few others, how they get the wool and where it comes from. So I am very proud to add Thirteen Mile Yarns to our line up. Try some. You will love it. It's like having the ewe in your living room with ewe (too early for much more humor!)

On a side note - have any of ya'll ever bought or bid on Ebay? Some auctions are Buy It Now. Well, every once in a while I get a wild hair and get on there and surf. Mostly I am surfing for vintage textiles, vintage college stuff (for orange boy). So this morning I get all caught up in this one really strange item. It ends in 8 hours. I'll let you know whether I win it or not. When I put in my first bid, I was already outbid and that really makes my hair stand on edge. So I put in a higher bid until I am the winning bidder (at that moment). Oh I want it but at the same time, I hope like hell someone outbids me Quick! Has this ever happened to you on Ebay? Maybe it's Buyer's Remorse? Help! (Update... lost the item but got caught in a bidding frenzy. *but* there is an identical item so I chose to bid on that one.)


Anni said...

I've had incidents like that on Ebay. It's easier to get caught up in the bidding frenzy especiallyl if it's a last minute thing. I've gone a bit higher than my max a few times.

Love the socks. Your friend is a brilliant sock knitter.

Octopus Knits said...

The socks are great! I think it's wonderful that Thirteen Mile yarn is predator friendly (and organic), and that you guys are carrying it. Love the natural colors... Now I just need to save my money to buy some!