Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Grab the tissues

Hey everybody- Check out this amazing video of my friend (I'm in there too) and her story of hope and faith.

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anxiousknitter said...

Thank you Cheryl for sharing the story of your friend Rebecca and little Andrew. I cried buckets of tears through the entire video because I could completely relate. I, too, lost my first child, Owen, in June 2005. He was not stillborn but lost his battle after having lived only 40 days. I only held him twice, once when he was alive and covered in wires and tubes and then as he lay dying in my arms. He was a full term baby, 8lbs 6oz and 22" tall. He had a fatal birth defect which didn't allow his lungs to develop. I am so grateful to you for posting that video. Hearing Rebecca's story is so cleansing. I have not yet reached the point, even after 4 years, where I can feel the way she does. When I can pray, I pray for peace and I pray for God's patience with me. I pray for His guidance and hope that He doesn't give up on me - because I am still angry! However, despite my anger, God has still blessed me with another baby,Nathan, who will be turning 3 in July. I learn from him every day and every day my praises to God become more than my prayers. Hope is a wonderful thing! Blessings on you and on your lovely friend, Rebecca. I sincerely hope she does end up with a house full of kids soon!