Thursday, May 14, 2009

Key Shawl

So it's finished. My Key Shawl. I mean when you live on an island, why would you need a full sweater? Most of the time you don't so I jumped all over this adorable pattern at the local yarn shop. I will say that I did not knit the actual pattern stitch - just stockinette. Why you ask? Because I needed something to carry with me to all the doctor appts. I take my mom to. Sometimes I can wait for up to 5 hours and it keeps me occupied. When you go as frequently as we do, all the magazines have been read!

I call this my "fake" sweater. It only has a back, no sides and gives the illusion of having sleeves that you tie in the front (as if you were wrapping a sweater over your shoulders). Love it. Just the thing to throw over an outfit. Oh, and the yarn was Karabella Aurora 4 and I don't remember the color number. And I see I already have a pick on it that needs fixin'.

Keep checking out our yarn sales as we undergo some changes at TYG!
I leave you with a photo of my precious Stephen (isn't this what Gammaw's are supposed to do?). Cheryl said he was yawning - I think he is calling for me ; )

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monica said...

I think you are right, I can hear him calling for his Gammaw way up here, poor baby. He is so adorable. And your Key Shawl is very nice, what a great idea for a design.